Jos van Meerveld is a Dutch film director who graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam during the summer of 2017.

At a young age he worked as an editor and camera-operator for different television networks.

During his time at the film academy, he started to form a love for dark comedy combined with drama. His stories often put social matters in a different light and show the absurdity of human behaviour. Like his film Skinache, one of his graduation films.

This is an absurd dark comedy of a man whose skin is starting to peel off, because he has a lack of physical contact. He wanted to remind people about basic human needs in a digital world. This film was shown during festivals in Germany and Poland and won the award for best student film at the Bucharest short film festival.


His other graduation film, Our very own defects, is an ambitious ensemble film about normal civilians who keep their immoral side secret to the outside world. This was based on true crime stories that took place in the Netherlands. This film premiered at the Dutch film festival and was shown at festivals like the Asiana short film festival in South-Korea. Recently he directed the short film Luw, about the secret life of a married man living in the Bible belt. This film had its premiere at the Dutch film festival 2021. At this moment Jos is working on new, longer fiction projects.

After his graduation he started his work as a commercial and online content director. He worked with brands like Tele 2, Duracell, Vedett, Ben and Dyson.

His first television commercial was nominated for a ‘Gouden Loekie’, the best known awards for dutch commercials.

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