Short film – Comedy (Post production)
Length – 14 minutes 

“SCRAP” follows the story of Peter, a selfish harbor worker, who is prevented from committing a desperate act by the AI of his ex-wife’s car. As the car becomes more self-aware than Peter, he is forced to reconsider his way of thinking.


Director Jos van Meerveld
Written by Daniël de Rooij and Jos van Meerveld
Production Daniël de Rooij, Evelien ten Hoope, Charlene Vos.
Director of photography Ruben van Weelden
Editor Erik van der Bijl
Sound Design Franco van der Linden
Sound recording Andrés Vidal
Sound mixing Sander Houtman
Composer Karun Ramani
Costume Bente Mars
Hair and make-up Marly van de Wardt
VFX Joseph Frank, Milan Swagers


Daniël de Rooij, Elisa Beuger, Gijs Agasi, Hasnaa Alaoui