Huidzeer / Skinache

Short film – Drama/comedy
Length: 12 minutes

Film festivals
The black sea film festival – Romania 2019.
Bucharest short film festival – Romania 2018 – Winner best student film.
Eindhoven film festival – Netherlands 2018.
Etiuda & anima film festival – Poland 2018.
Two Riversides Film and Art Festival – Poland 2018.
Sehsüchte film festival 2018 – Germany.


Skinachetells the story of the 49 year old Johan Reijmer. An isolated systems manager who’s skin, the only thing that still embraces his body is starting to fall off because of a chronic lack of physical contact. To find a solution he will have to go way out of his comfort zone: from hugging therapy to visiting prostitutes. All the while with the clock ticking. As a systems manager, he knows how to connect everybody using his computer network, but making a personal connection is something he just can’t do. 

This film was made in collaboration with AVROTROS. 

Script Thomas Meijer
Director Jos van Meerveld
Production Kaylee Hovemann, Bente Mars
Executive producer Cecile Neeteson
Cinematography Eveline Haverlag
Gaffer Herman van den Bosch
Production design Elisabeth Ruijgrok
Art direction Clara Bragdon, Hiske de Goeje
Costume design Kristien Lammers
Sound recording Freek Vrijhof
Sound design Daniël Berends
Mix Ruben Dekker
Editor Ellemieke Middelhoff
Visual effects supervisors Aron Fels, Tommy Jansen
Composer Nelson Ogliastri
Special make-up Rolf te Booij


Mike Reus, Hugo Haenen, Rosa Reuten, Janni Goslinga, Liliana de Vries Mitchell Havelaar, Ruben de Goede, Hannah Hulsman, Eefje Baesjou